VoIP DID - Quality of Service

Quality of Service DID access numbers

Our platform provides the highest levels of quality of service (QoS), in terms of availability, audio quality and call success rate.

We provision DID services only from licensed telecommunication companies, and service providers with proven QoS guarantees.

Our partners are either local telecommunication carriers with their own numbering ranges or Tier-1 carriers with whom we have long standing interconnection agreements.

All of our partners are fully licensed, and registered, telecommunication companies and comply with local legal regulations.

Network Redundancy - Fallback Routing - US, EU, and HK call POPs

The network nodes are hosted in world class communication hubs, InterXion in Belgium EU, One Wilshire telecommunication centre in LA USA, and Defoe Chan Hong Kong.

The design includes a complete separation between call traffic and other processing requirements and uses state-of-the-art hardware to ensure the highest possible quality of service. Network redundancy is achieved with intelligent call routing and SIP SRV.

24/7 System Monitoring & Customer Support

We provide customer support via a web-based ticketing system and also Skype instant chat. The target response time for any technical ticket is 45 minutes. When ever possible we proactively notify customers of identified downtimes, planned network maintenance and other important service news.

Our team work from European and Asian time zones providing continuous system monitoring and customer service. All critical systems are proactively monitored.

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