What is a DID Numbering Service?

DID Numbering Service

Incoming DID telephone numbers allow customers to extend the international reach of their telephone network quickly and at minimal cost. We provide incoming DID telephone numbers from over 65 countries around the world which can be used to receive voice calls and fax routed to a PBX, or call center for example.

The incoming calls are converted from PSTN to VoIP or FoIP and transported via the internet to the user equipment. The calls are 'peered' with SIP or IAX2 protocols to the customers IP address.

We work with licensed telecommunication companies, and service providers, to provide DID services from over 65 countries. Our partners are either local telecommunication carriers with their own numbering ranges or local Tier-1 carriers with whom we have long standing agreements. All of our partners are fully licensed and comply with local legal regulations.

How it works

The incoming calls to the DID numbers generally originate from fixed or mobile networks and are then converted to VoIP SIP by the DID originator media gateway. The calls are then routed via redundant IP links to the nearest superPOP and then sent to us via a direct copper patch or over an IP network. We then send the calls to our customer IP address.

We have direct cross-connect (coaxial copper links) with carriers for most of our DID zones. In this way we are able to provide (public internet) first hop calls for the majority of DID local area codes.

Intelligent call routing systems with fallback nodes and geographical pop locations in Europe, USA, and Asia

Service Applications

DID numbers can be used for any application that requires inbound calling. Typical applications include:

Global VoIP Service
  • Internet telephony services (VoIP services)
  • Follow-me and call forwarding service providers
  • Calling card, callback, and pinless call system operators
  • Call centers and call teleconferencing systems
  • Voice applications and IVR systems

Who can use this service?

We have no minimum commitment requirements. This service has been designed to provide an accessible DID peering product, with wholesale pricing, for any business capable of accepting IP peered calls.

We do not provide end user SIP Registration or outbound call termination.

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